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Tropical Storm Isaias

Here in the Mount Washington Valley we have recently been visited by Tropical Storm Isaias. This storm left plenty of damage in it’s wake, including long term power outages. All systems installed by Pope Security Systems Inc. have battery…Continue reading »


Pope Security Systems is dedicated to your security, not just for your home and business, but your health and personal safety as well. Therefore, we are continuing to take precautions and modifying our practices to mitigate and prevent the…Continue reading »

Logging into your surveillance system web viewer in Windows 10.

When using the Windows 10 Microsoft edge browser, you can switch back to internet explorer by clicking on the more tab (…) and selecting “open with internet explorer”. This will reload your page and you can continue your login…Continue reading »

Compatible Z-Wave devices for your iBridge Z-Remote module

Today there are thousands of z-wave devices available for home automation. Although most of them will likely be compatible with your iBridge/StarLink z-wave controller, you can check out this LINK link for a list of z-wave enabled devices that have been…Continue reading »