Home Automation

Smart homes and home automation have been buzz words for many years and most products introduced have been unreliable, poorly designed and over priced. As technology continues to evolve faster than ever, prices have begun to reach affordable levels and product reliability has improved.

Free yourself from worrying about all the little things everyone thinks about after leaving your house or business. Did you remember to lock the door, turn off the lights, set the AC, turn on the alarm? How about remotely turning on the heat in your ski house before you arrive?

Added to our product line in 2013, we now offer a product called iBridge by Napco Security that allows you to control your Alarm, Video, Temperature, Lighting, HVAC and Locking systems via any smartphone or computer. Set your alarm, turn lights off and on, set thermostats, control appliances, view video and receive alerts on various home conditions using Z-wave, a proven, wireless mesh networking technology that is standard in wireless home control.
Click here for a list of Z-wave devices evaluated for compatibility by Napco.

Many configurations are available depending on your system and individual needs. Please call us for more information.