How does your system report to us? We offer multiple communication methods for your specific system needs.

In today’s rapidly evolving communications infrastructure we are all constantly discovering new needs as well as new solutions. From traditional copper phone lines, to high speed internet, to “4G” cellular technology, all options are on the table now.

Each system installed by Pope Security Systems is pre-configured with a built in “dial up” modem to communicate over your existing phone line. This basic configuration provides you with 24hr system monitoring for your home or business utilizing only the phone line that is already on premise, without disrupting your day to day operations.

That being said, traditional “land” lines are quickly becoming a thing of the past. They are also much slower than modern infrastructure, and limited to the speed and capabilities of a “dial up” connection. To this problem, we have solutions.


The iBridge z-wave module is a network device that can be added to your Napco Home security system to provide a connection over your high speed internet. This provides a faster connection to the central station, remote access to your system through your smartphone, tablet, or PC, and comes with a suite of home automation features. You can arm/disarm your system, lock/unlock your doors, check your thermostats, manage your lighting and so much more.

StarLink Connect

The StarLink Connect is our latest available product in communications and automation. This device provides a “4G” cellular connection for your security system. The StarLink Connect gives you all of the resourceful features of the iBridge without the need or limitations of any local infrastructure. Your system will be monitored, and you can arm/disarm your system, lock/unlock your doors, check your thermostats, manage your lighting and so much more, even if the cable and phone are both out, freeing you from the worries of being cutoff during storms.

StarLink Fire

For commercial applications the Napco StarLink Fire provides your business with a UL listed NFPA approved cellular communicator. This innovative device improves reliability, and frees you from the costly dual land lines needed to meet requirements for Commercial Fire Alarm applications. The StarLink Fire is compatible with nearly all commercial fire alarm systems, and can simply be added to your existing system.


Contact our office for a full quote on any of these innovative solutions.

A site visit is recommended for cellular modules to evaluate signal strength before installation.