Here in the Mount Washington Valley we have recently been visited by Tropical Storm Isaias. This storm left plenty of damage in it’s wake, including long term power outages. All systems installed by Pope Security Systems Inc. have battery backup to carry them through for 12-24hrs. Because this outage lasted several days, many of the systems powered down. Now that power has returned to the Valley and surrounding areas, your alarm system has powered back up, however; that does not necessarily mean that everything is back to normal. Customers who have their communications derived from the cable companies VOIP system may have continued loss of communication as most of the modems have had to be manually power cycled to restore functionality. We also recommend that you inspect your homes for any power related losses, such as refrigerated or frozen foods. Please contact us at 603-447-6704 for any assistance with your alarm system and communicator to restore full functionality and protection of your home.