Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems are being used more and more, and with good reason. The presence of video cameras acts as a deterrent to potential criminals and possible dangers can be detected at an early stage. And, now that they’ve become so much more affordable, business and home owners are able to benefit from the sense of security they provide.

With a video surveillance system, you’re always in the know – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use your video system to see who’s at your door, or moving around your yard. Keep an eye on employees, cleaners, teenagers or pets. In addition to viewing live video from your security cameras, new video apps can automatically e-mail video to you when there is an alarm. You can even set your video system to alert you and automatically send a video update for certain events, such as store openings or your children returning home from school.

It’s easy, reassuring, and affordable. Please call us for more detailed information.