Access Control

Security is not just about monitoring who comes and goes, but also about controlling who can, and when.

Pope Security Systems offers several different access control systems, customized to fit your security and control needs and balanced with convenience and cost. These include simple electronic stand alone locks to fully integrated network managed access control systems with remote access control and comprehensive user access management.

You can remotely lock and unlock your doors with your computer or mobile device from anywhere with our low cost iBridge z-remote network module or cellular StarLink Connect paired with compatible z-wave enabled door locks. No more need to give out keys or codes for caretakers or guests while you’re away.

If you need a higher level of management, we offer fully managed access suites with network linked door locks, access keypads, proximity card readers, and bio-metric scanners, paired with electronic door strikes, electromagnetic locks, and emergency egress delay crash bars to fully satisfy your facilities needs. Manage individual access, schedules, and security.

You control who goes where and when, without compromising the safety of your facility.

Each system installed is custom designed and tailored to your home or facility to reach that perfect balance between convenience, control, and security.

For more information, please contact us for an appointment with one of our access control design experts.